Neil Bailey was recently appointed as the latest first-team manager for this club that is part of the Toolstation Western League Division One. This is only happening because John Black left the club recently.

The former captain of the club has a lot of experience, having put in over 15 years of service at Almondsbury. He has already proved that he is quite a popular choice with multiple good luck messages coming his way on social media.

John Black had wasted absolutely no time in putting together his management team with the appointment of ex Brislington manager and Bristol Rovers player, Jeff Meacham. He also got Danny Lane, the ex-Almondsbury player and a couple of his assistants. But, now that Bailey is here, we hope that there are going to be a lot of positive changes which will improve the overall team. Everyone believes this is certainly going to happen. Bailey is going to take his first Almondsbury team against Woodley United in what is their first pre-season friendly of this season.

Almondsbury has also managed to secure a sponsor for the match, Phoenix Flooring Limited. Phoenix Flooring Ltd. is a company which is run by a local family and has more than 25 years of experience supplying homes and businesses with first class flooring, and providing the best quality commercial and domestic flooring.

Hopefully, with the team under new management, they may just start performing a lot better over the long run. There is nothing like the thrill of winning a competitive football match in front of your fans. With Bailey at the helm, this may just end up becoming a much more popular occurrence. So here’s hoping for the best, and a chance of seeing Almondsbury playing in the big leagues one day under Bailey. Fans are looking forward to it!